Andrew Wareham: Using the Digital Humanities to Analyse Non-Standard Information in the Late Seventeenth-Century Hearth Tax Returns. Abstract # 13 (random order)

“This paper will consider how the digital humanities can be used to provide a new research agenda for analysing the late seventeenth-century hearth tax from England, Scotland and Wales.  Part one provides background information on the collection of the hearth tax, and assesses the two key problems which arise from non-standard information in the returns.  Part two identifies how digital humanities can be used to analyse both standard and non-standard data in a single digital framework.  This new research template, bringing together expertise in early modern history and the digital humanities, has the potential to transform the study of the hearth tax in two ways; firstly by changing its geographical focus from local and regional history to the national level, and secondly by enabling academic and general audiences to read the data in a time-series analysis in place of the existing cross-sectional framework.”


Andrew Wareham (University of Roehampton)

Presentation: Oct 24,3.30-3.50 p.m., University of Regensburg, Großer Sitzungssaal des Philosophikums (PT 3.0.79) [PROGRAMME]


Picture credits: By Teniers, David the younger (1610 – 1690) (Artist, Details of artist on Google Art Project) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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